Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance

We are a proud member of the Pro-Environment Balloon Alliance (PEBA).

PEBA was formed in Australia in July 2017 to be an advocacy body to promote positive changes in balloon industry practices, community education, corporate governance and to be a consultative body for legislative policy relating to balloons.

​As a member of PEBA we are committed to self-regulation and driving proactive, environmentally responsible change within the industry. PEBA’s message is growing internationally with PEBA USA and PEBA UK now established and members in over 43 countries around the world.

​PEBA members are industry professionals who do NOT support, condone or facilitate the organised release of balloons. 

PEBA assists members to educate their clients, venue managers and the public in the responsible use and correct disposal of balloons through our "Don't Let it Go, Pin it & Bin it!" campaigns.